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 Kirutaru Info

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PostSubject: Kirutaru Info   Fri Oct 03, 2008 6:01 am

Name: Kirutaru
75 jobs: WHM SMN NIN
What jobs do you feel comfortable playing: WHM SMN (Thanks for asking)
Merits: HP, MP, Cure Cast, Regen, Avatar Acc & Attack, Devotion, Prot/Shell
Notable gear: almost all the best whm smn gear don't feel like going into detail
Can you speak a second language? Chinese, some Japanese
Sky access: Yes
Sea access: Yes
Dynamis - Xarcaard access: Yes
Salvage access: Yes
Assault rank: Captain
Other LS you have: Perseverance
Would you be willing to drop them?: No
Past LS: N/A
Past server(if applicable): N/A
Playtime: 12(noon)-10pm EST Mon-Fri / Variable Weekends - though schedule is subject to Perseverance events and Nyzul static on Thursday -
Can you get Ventrilo and a Mic?: No
Will we be your primary LS?: No
What you want to achieve in ForteBreaker(Jeanne)?: Honestly? I just like doing low-man stuff and I miss sky. I'd love to get Haidate for my Ninja, but I'm pretty much set on gear in general. I joined for the fun/challenge of low-man actitivies, but I'm mostly interested in sky. Not sure I would be willing to do sea, Dynamis or Salvage since I do those all seperately. I love pushing my WHM to the limits in terms of pressure. That's about it.
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Kirutaru Info
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